Spring Heeled Jack Awakes

spring-heeled-jack4And indeed he does. June 2009 is the release date for my next novel, Spring Heeled Jack Awakes, coming out with the UK’s leading pervayer of horror and supernatural fiction, Ghostwriter Publications. 

Man, alien or devil?

Spring-Heeled Jack was not just the stuff of legends, he was the original legend. Before Jack the ripper, there was another Jack in town; but this Jack didn’t merely reside in the shadows waiting to attack….

The tides of time are a strange phenomena. Almost as strange as the reported appearance of a modern day killer that bears an uncanny resemblance to Spring-Heeled Jack.

And what is the connection with an attractive university student and a Police Inspector who lived a hundred years ago, who was close to unmasking who or what the creature was back in Spring Heeled’s heyday.

Man, alien or devil?

At last the truth behind an age old mystery is to be revealed.

3 Responses to “Spring Heeled Jack Awakes”

  1. its now nearly july bud is the book late and will it be avalable from books of america

  2. stuartneild Says:

    Sorry, but the book has now been put back to around spring next year, so Fathom could be released first.

  3. aisling harkless Says:

    personaly i love the legend of spring heeled jack, in fact im writing an english assignment on him im pretty sure this book might help 😛 also i just feel i have to read it, it seems super awesome 🙂

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