Welcome to my new official site

So here it is, my new official site to promote my novels, past, present and future. Here you’ll find all the updates with what I’m up to, what’s coming out, where and when.

4 Responses to “Welcome to my new official site”

  1. when will spring healed jack be in books of america and were will you be doing book signing please

  2. stuartneild Says:

    I’ve no idea at the moment if the book will be released in the US. I certainly hope it will be though.

  3. just began to read a haunted man by stuart neild from a chinese electronic down load site only five bucks for the full book download. ……..GREAT DEAL

    • stuartneild Says:

      Not such a great deal for me I’m afraid, as this site has no rights to sell my book and is doing so illegally. Drop me a line sometime to where the site is, so I can set the giant eels from my new novel Fathom, onto them.

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