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Creature Feature

Posted in News on April 14, 2009 by stuartneild

creature-feature-concept1The 1st of June is the date for the release of Ghostwriter Publications monster anthology Creature Feature. With short stories, by the likes of  best selling horror author Guy N Smith and a list of other authors that include world fantasy award nominees, I’ve managed to slip in with my short story, Old Slippery.

You’ll never look at a giant eel in the same way ever again.


Free MP3 Story

Posted in News on April 7, 2009 by stuartneild

We all love something for free, so here’s one of my stories that was turned into an audio on the Whisper Back podcast awhile back. I have to say many thanks for this to Russell L Burt, who I believe is not only one of the best podcasters that walked God’s green earth, but also one of the best short horror fiction writers.  Check out his Come Let Me Whisper stories if you don’t believe me.

Anyway, if you want me to email you my free MP3 story Family, just email and call your email family.