Creature-Feature---Concept-And it’s been worth the wait. As I sit here with my copy of the first edition of Creature Feature in my hands, I can honestly say this collection has it all and with quality. You want killer giant eels (courtesy of yours truly), moths on the rampage, beasts in the mist, devils of mons, creeping vines, evil plasma monsters and other things that live in dark places which human eyes should not set sight on, then this is the one stop book for you.

I have to say it’s been a real honour to have one of my stories feature in this collection which houses a bestselling, personal horror hero of mine, Guy N Smith, as well as William Meikle, David Jeffery, Simon Kurt Unsworth, Ian Faulkner, Peter Mark May, Barry J. House, Daniel I. Russell,Maxwell Dowie, Rakie Keig, Steve Jensen, Steve Lockley, Kevin Lumley, Brooke Vaughn, Robert Morrish, David Mcafee and edited by Neil Jackson.

Full review coming shortly, but trust me, get this ordered pronto from either or from Ghostwriter Publications themselves.


  1. Can’t wait to get mine…I’m hearing some great things about it!

  2. Chris Harvey Says:

    Will have to get a copy of this. And the cover’s “homage” to the great EC comics is a nice touch. Indeed, I’m well impressed with the entire range of GWP – a fantasic job has been done with the covers, and I’m confident that equal quality will nestle between those covers.

    Here’s hoping this is the start of the long overdue horror fiction revival. Very encouraging! 🙂

  3. Received mine…absolutely marvellous! Well worth waiting for!

  4. Mark Buggy Says:

    Just discovered your work on the interweb and I’m tearing throughout the kindle additions on my fondle slab (iPad for non techies).
    Most excellent I can’t wait to get hold of creature feature on dead tree edition, keep up the good work.

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