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Posted in News on November 23, 2009 by stuartneild

The 30th of November 2009 sees the return of ghost hunter Boag-Munroe from the novel A Haunted Man and with him the even more spectacular return of England’s most haunted house ever. The Return Of Borley Rectory is the first in a series of Boag-Munroe chapbooks coming out from Ghostwriter Publications new imprint label The Penny Dreadful Dreadful Company. But it won’t be just Boag-Munroe stories I’ll be writing. Each month The Penny Dreadful Company will be bringing out a different chapbook by me, as well as chapbooks from a list of other great authors such as William  Meikle, Rhys Hughes, Scott Nicholson, Ian Faulkner, Carson Buckingham, Frazer Lee, Brooke Vaughn, Neil Jackson, Bob Freeman and David Jeffery.  The Return Of Borley Rectory is available to order at

Borley Rectory before its desctruction in 1939 was, and still is, seen be many as England’s most haunted house.

This house and this ghost hunter were never supposed to meet. But now, 2009, Borley Rectory has been resurected, miles from its original position and many years after it was apparently burnt down to the ground.

Renowed ghost hunter Boag-Munroe, finds himself standing at the entrance to this strange foreboding building, with three questions to be answered, how, why and what is happening?