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Posted in News on April 14, 2010 by stuartneild

Dame Demise is coming, and believe me, you’ve never met a granny like her before in your life. What’s more, she’s attacking on two fronts, the written word and movie, yes movie. Dame Demise the movie, based on my forthcoming Dame Demise story, is already in development. I’ve written the screenplay myself and in a personal first, will also be directing. Casting has not taken place just yet, but things are moving swiftly.

A group has been set up on Facebook with all the latest info at!/group.php?gid=112874538731124

On top of that, things are still shaping up nicely with Old Friend. Old Friend Producer and directer Wayne John Davies will also be co-producing Dame Demise with myself. And if you’re checking out facebook with regards to the Dame, why not check out the Mandog Entertainment group on there at!/group.php?gid=110123632354693 

I promise you’ll like it……