At long, long last, I’m pleased to announce my novel Gnomes is up and out on various digital formats and in paperback.

They shout, they swear, they kill. The evil gnomes have come to life at the bottom of your garden. Meet Baby Legs, Little Giggler, Honey Pie and a host of other weird and wonderfully twisted gnomes. There’s a gnome war coming with mankind trapped in the middle. No one or thing is safe. You have been warned……………….
Gnomes is a comedy horror novel that has a special place in my heart. It’s the book I’ve enjoyed writing more than any other and the book people have shown the most interest in. I’m already planning to turn this into a series of books and will be starting work on the next chapter soon.  A word of warning though, the novel is not for minors. And before you ask, I promise, no gnomes were hurt in the making of this book. Gnomes is available now on the amazon kindle at
and smashwords where it has already entered the top ten on the horror bestsellers list
and in GIANT sized paperback form at

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