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The People’s Fiend, Crabs 7 and Staggered.

Posted in News on December 19, 2010 by stuartneild

It’s been a busy couple of months for me. I’ve met one of my horror writing hero’s, the legendary Guy N Smith, had two stories published in consecutive editions of Guy’s long running fanzine Graveyard Rendezvous, and had a story published in John Prescott’s excellent horror anthology M is for Monster. But the news continues. After clocking up nearly nine thousand downloads on Smashwords, a new revised edition of Dame Demise is now available at Amazon, as well as still holding the number one most downloaded horror ebook at Smashwords.

Moving on I’ve had four stories featured in the number one ebook, Horror Showcase, along with stories from the ultra talented Dave Jeffery and Ian Woodhead. To add to the fun and frolics, my short story collection, The People’s Fiend hit the number one spot in Smashwords horror best sellers list for a short time, repeating the feat which my other works, Giant Killer Eels and Gnomes also managed. And just in time for Christmas I released a festive little tale called Staggered for all digital formats. To round off the year nicely, Spring Heeled Jack Awakes should be hitting the Amazon Kindle and Smashwords for a Christmas Day release.

But out of all this, my favourite bit of news is the fact I’ll be co-writing with Dave Jeffery the 7th Crab book and it’s endorsed by the man who started it all, Guy N Smith. This years been pretty good. Hopefully next year will be even better. Fingers crossed.