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The 30th of November 2009 sees the return of ghost hunter Boag-Munroe from the novel A Haunted Man and with him the even more spectacular return of England’s most haunted house ever. The Return Of Borley Rectory is the first in a series of Boag-Munroe chapbooks coming out from Ghostwriter Publications new imprint label The Penny Dreadful Dreadful Company. But it won’t be just Boag-Munroe stories I’ll be writing. Each month The Penny Dreadful Company will be bringing out a different chapbook by me, as well as chapbooks from a list of other great authors such as William  Meikle, Rhys Hughes, Scott Nicholson, Ian Faulkner, Carson Buckingham, Frazer Lee, Brooke Vaughn, Neil Jackson, Bob Freeman and David Jeffery.  The Return Of Borley Rectory is available to order at

Borley Rectory before its desctruction in 1939 was, and still is, seen be many as England’s most haunted house.

This house and this ghost hunter were never supposed to meet. But now, 2009, Borley Rectory has been resurected, miles from its original position and many years after it was apparently burnt down to the ground.

Renowed ghost hunter Boag-Munroe, finds himself standing at the entrance to this strange foreboding building, with three questions to be answered, how, why and what is happening?



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Opening with OPENING NIGHT, by Barry J. House the book kicks off with a story that’s sure to thrill fans of the 1950’s sci fi classic tarantula as well as horrify all those with a phobia of spiders.

Next up it’s the turn of a giant killer eel to take centre stage with OLD SLIPPERY by yours truly, followed by the first Guy N Smith story in the volume, THE FISH THING. Trust me, you will never look at a goldfish or a pike in the same way after reading this. Ian Faulkner’s story SUN is the next up to bat, complete with a battleaxe of a wife who gets more than she bargained for. I could really imagine this story being filmed in the style of one of those old Amicus horror shorts.

BELVEDERE by Daniel I. Russell features normal creatures tampered in such a way you wouldn’t want to meet them in the spooky old mansion in this story, and after reading WOOKEY HOLE by Peter Mark-May you could be put you off visiting this English attraction for life.

DAY TEN is the first of the trilogy of Simon Kurt Unsworth stories in the volume. Here a team are plotting to capture an unknown beast that is about to make itself very known.

LATE SHIFT by Maxwell Dowie gives a stern warning about working in supermarkets after closing and who or what you’re working with. This one has got a nice critters feel about it, real nasty.

IT LIVES IN DARK PLACE by the always on form David Jeffery takes us on the run from the police and into the arms or teeth and claws of something worse.

RICKMAN’S PLASMA by William Meikle is a cracking concept and story which I’m not going to spoil here, trust me, you’ve just got to read it, as you should THE MOTHS THAT ATE NEW JERSEY, by Rakie Keig. I’m guessing this is an introduction to Rakie’s upcoming novel THE MOTHS, and a fine introduction it is to. Speaking of introductions, introduce yourself to one Steve Jenson and his DEVIL OF MONS. This one about a hell hound in the trenches of world war one has got atmosphere by the bucket load.

LAST OPTION is the second of Simon Kurt Unsworth’s appearances and has the motto if a beast is captured; he may not captured for long and on your head be it. THE FLIES by Steven Lockley and LE CARCAJOU by Kevin Lumley have the feel of the old Pan horror stories so many horror fans used to love.

THE LAKE by David McAfee has the atmosphere and setting a Stephen King short story would feel at home in, just watch out for the green stuff. And we’re still looking out for the green stuff in Brooke Vaughn’s CREEPER.

EACH STEP I TAKE IS IN DARKNESS by Robert Morrish, what a title and what a story. PEEK-A-BOO is Simon Kurt Unsworth final story, the creature, whatever it is, is among us. STINGERS by WILLIAM MEIKLE , need I say this one has a sting in its tail, and THE BEAST IN THE MIST by my favourite author Guy N Smith wrap up the volume in style.

All in all Creature Feature is an excellent volume. Of course everyone will have their favourites amongst these stories, but there’s no fillers here. I’m aware there’s a second printing of the book soon minus Simon’s stories which is a shame, but another big hitter has been lined up to replace him. What with an audio version available soon of some of the stories and no doubt Creature Feature 2 in the works for next year, the future of creatures running amok anthology looks to be in good hands.

Fingers crossed I make it into Creature Feature 2 in 2010.



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Creature-Feature---Concept-And it’s been worth the wait. As I sit here with my copy of the first edition of Creature Feature in my hands, I can honestly say this collection has it all and with quality. You want killer giant eels (courtesy of yours truly), moths on the rampage, beasts in the mist, devils of mons, creeping vines, evil plasma monsters and other things that live in dark places which human eyes should not set sight on, then this is the one stop book for you.

I have to say it’s been a real honour to have one of my stories feature in this collection which houses a bestselling, personal horror hero of mine, Guy N Smith, as well as William Meikle, David Jeffery, Simon Kurt Unsworth, Ian Faulkner, Peter Mark May, Barry J. House, Daniel I. Russell,Maxwell Dowie, Rakie Keig, Steve Jensen, Steve Lockley, Kevin Lumley, Brooke Vaughn, Robert Morrish, David Mcafee and edited by Neil Jackson.

Full review coming shortly, but trust me, get this ordered pronto from either or from Ghostwriter Publications themselves.

Creature Feature

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creature-feature-concept1The 1st of June is the date for the release of Ghostwriter Publications monster anthology Creature Feature. With short stories, by the likes of  best selling horror author Guy N Smith and a list of other authors that include world fantasy award nominees, I’ve managed to slip in with my short story, Old Slippery.

You’ll never look at a giant eel in the same way ever again.

Free MP3 Story

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We all love something for free, so here’s one of my stories that was turned into an audio on the Whisper Back podcast awhile back. I have to say many thanks for this to Russell L Burt, who I believe is not only one of the best podcasters that walked God’s green earth, but also one of the best short horror fiction writers.  Check out his Come Let Me Whisper stories if you don’t believe me.

Anyway, if you want me to email you my free MP3 story Family, just email and call your email family.

Spring Heeled Jack Awakes

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spring-heeled-jack4And indeed he does. June 2009 is the release date for my next novel, Spring Heeled Jack Awakes, coming out with the UK’s leading pervayer of horror and supernatural fiction, Ghostwriter Publications. 

Man, alien or devil?

Spring-Heeled Jack was not just the stuff of legends, he was the original legend. Before Jack the ripper, there was another Jack in town; but this Jack didn’t merely reside in the shadows waiting to attack….

The tides of time are a strange phenomena. Almost as strange as the reported appearance of a modern day killer that bears an uncanny resemblance to Spring-Heeled Jack.

And what is the connection with an attractive university student and a Police Inspector who lived a hundred years ago, who was close to unmasking who or what the creature was back in Spring Heeled’s heyday.

Man, alien or devil?

At last the truth behind an age old mystery is to be revealed.

Welcome to my new official site

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So here it is, my new official site to promote my novels, past, present and future. Here you’ll find all the updates with what I’m up to, what’s coming out, where and when.